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Zenaida served twenty years in the United States Marine Corps as a Personnel and Office administrator. She worked as an Administrative Office Manager specializing in daily office operations, personnel administration, directives distribution, manpower management administration, and office management.


After Zenaida retired from the military, she completed her college degree and became a preschool teacher, teaching English as a second language to Japanese students in Okinawa, Japan. During her time as a teacher, Zenaida attended Neighborhood Church of Okinawa and co-started “Sisterhood," a Christian ministry.  Sisterhood is designed to engage young military women in discipleship and their spiritual needs.


Today, shepherding sheep in the farm has been her calling and a reminder for her to stay humble. God has put a burden in Zenaida's heart to reach out to others, encouraging people to connect with Jesus Christ and God like-minded believers.

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